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Muddy River Restoration Project

Muddy River Flood Control, Water Quality, Habitat Enhancement and Historic Preservation Project Moves Ahead! Phase I of the Muddy River Flood Damage Reduction and Environmental Restoration Project is complete. Phase 2 is in the planning stage. Click here for photos of Phase 1. Phase 2 has completed the permitting process and is currently out for bids.

It has been twenty years since the October 1996 floods that helped to finally focus attention on the need for the Muddy River Project and more than twelve years since the planning and permitting for the Project was begun. So completion of Phase 1 is truly a milestone and cause for celebration. The first phase of the project includes: (1) daylighting of the Muddy River in front of the Landmark Center and between Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur so that the river is once again visible in that area, (2) removal of the jughandle road and other roadway changes, and (3) new enhanced wetland plantings along the river’s edge. The plantings are in keeping with the original planting design of Frederick Law Olmsted, America’s foremost landscape architect, who originally designed the Muddy River parks as part of the Emerald Necklace, now on the Federal Register of Historic Places. A map and explanation of the Phase 1 project area is available here.

The Muddy River Restoration Project Maintenance and Management Oversight Committee (MMOC), an independent oversight body for the Muddy River Project established by the Secretary of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, maintains a website - - to provide information about the Project.