BGSA & Friends of Lost Pond Sanctuary Walk
Monday, June 6, 5pm

Brookline's Lost Pond Nature Sanctuary, 30-acre tract of natural, undeveloped land, adjoins the Kennard Park and Conservation Areas in Newton and the state's 30-acre Lost Pond Reservation. Together, these properties contain over 100 acres of open woodland, rocky outcrops, marsh, bog and stream. A network of trails interconnects these conservation properties.

Lost Pond, a "kettle hole", has developed into a quaking bog on its northern edge. This is one of the most interesting and unusual types of wetlands found in New England. Peat bogs, which often develop in deep glacial lakes, are formed by the gradual decomposition of plant material in highly acidic, poorly drained areas. This peat forms a floating mat over the water and provides a base for acid-tolerant vegetation, which grows in from the edge of the pond. Bogs provide naturalists with excellent data on the ecological history of an area.

Sturdy shoes and good balance are recommended to walk on parts of the trail.
Meet at Arlington Road entrance off Heath Street
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