BGSA Position on School Expansion

BGSA supports the protection of public green space.The advantages to the health of the environment and the health of humans are numerous. Whether mitigating the impact of carbon pollution, providing recreational space or the beauty that makes life pleasurable, trees and open space are essential. We support building on Brookline green spaces only as a last resort and then only if there is an equitable land exchange made. Per person Brookline does not have an excess of open space using nationally accepted standards. We maintain that if we have more school aged children who need more classroom space these same children also need more outdoor space. Protecting land is our responsibility for future generations.  The threat of global warming is a threat to our children and grandchildren and their children. It is our responsibility to be stewards of our land on behalf of these children’s health. We believe most people in Brookline want to do what is good for the environment; protecting green space is a practical way to make a difference on a local level. We should work together as a community to find solutions which do not necessitate the taking of green spaces.