The Brookline GreenSpace Alliance
Park Initiatives Program (PIP)
Grant Guidelines

Funding Approval:
Consideration will be given to those projects which are consistent with the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance mission of protecting, improving, and promoting wise use of green spaces. Grant proposals should anticipate meeting the following criteria:
Is there adequate coordination and leadership?
Does the project improve the quality or character of the site?
Will the project provide long lasting or significant short term benefits to the site?
Does the project have broad-based support?
Will there be necessary on-going maintenance on the site?
Have matching funds been acquired?
Have maintenance funds been reserved?
Is the applicant a current member of the Alliance?

Also, all projects should be compatible with DPW, Park & OpenSpace Division and, if applicable, school principal goals and programs, and not duplicative of existing programs.

Procedures for Review:
1.Applications are accepted in the spring and fall of the year. Those interested in applying for a grant for spring must submit the application by March 15. Those applicants who are interested in a grant for fall the must submit the application by September 15.
2.The subcommittee reviewers for projects may confer with appropriate Town agencies or community groups to determine the level of support or involvement for the completion of the project.
3.The PIP subcommittee will present a project summary and their recommendations to the GreenSpace Alliance board for funding approval. A Board vote will then be taken for final approval.
4. Grant funding can be up to $10,000 per project.
5. Projects approved for funding are expected to be completed within a year. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of unused funds.
6. Extensions require approval of the Board
7. Project sponsors are eligible for one grant per year.
8. A project application may be resubmitted without prejudice.

Grant application can be found here