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Funding and Programming Resources

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Grants and Technical Assistance
Brookline GreenSpace Alliance: Neighborhood Initiatives for Parks. The Brookline GreenSpace Alliance offers small grants of $500 or less to affiliated organizations of the Alliance. The program is designed to encourage citizen initiative and stewardship in local parks, school grounds, median triangles, street tree lawns and conservation areas throughout Town. There is a rolling application process with no deadlines. Click here to request our grant guidelines and application. Grant proposals will be reviewed at the next board meeting of the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance (the Board meets every other month).

Brookline Community Fund
The Brookline Community Fund offers larger grants to community groups in Brookline through their unrestricted grant program and through their newly established environmental fund. They have two granting cycles a year. Deadlines are March 15th and October 15th. Call 617-566-4442 for more information or go to for more information.

Local Businesses
Local businesses may not be in a position to donate cash to your organization, but are often happy to provide in-kind products or services to your organization for a special event, particularly if you give them public recognition for their contribution. Start by calling the store manager and owner and ask if you can meet with them to explain the goals of your event. When you are there, make a specific request, such as a certain amount of food or drink for your event. If they need to think about it, or if they say yes, follow up with a phone call and letter

Other resources
Please see the related links page of this website for information contact information for Brookline Town government, and other local organizations. See the Park Friends Group page for a list of other park friends groups.

In addition, the links below provide useful information and resources.

Partnerships for Parks
An organization devoted to assisting community groups and individuals who help support and maintain city parks and playgrounds in New York City. It has great ideas and resources for any park friends group.

Project for Public Spaces
Project for Public Spaces is a nonprofit technical assistance, research and educational organization with the mission to create and sustain public places that build communities. It has good information and links. Website: Trust for Public Land National nonprofit land conservation organization with a focus on urban parks.

Resources for Schoolyard Greening Projects
Schoolyard Greening Workbook produced by the Boston GreenSpace Alliance.

Learning Outdoors at Lincoln: A Resource Book
for Students and Teachers
A great resource book put together by the Lincoln School Landscape Committee. Click here to download (1MB)