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Ideas for Park Events and Programs

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Flower planting, bench-painting, and clean-ups
These types of events are a great way to develop a sense of stewardship in your community. They also provide a wonderful, hand-on way for people to get involved in the park and create a sense of accomplishment. Many park friends groups in Brookline host annual clean-ups and flower plantings with the support of the Town.

Anniversaries, Openings
Brookline's parks are historic and celebrating their anniversaries is a great way to engage the community and draw attention to the importance of the park. If your park recently had work done to it, hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony is also a great way to recognize volunteers and the Town for the part they played in the renovation or improvement. Ask people to make short speeches and consider giving them small gifts. Provide refreshments.

Concerts, storytelling, puppet shows and other performances
Depending on the size of your park, hosting performances such as concerts (could be a small wind ensemble or something larger), storytelling for children, a puppet show or other event is a great way to draw people into the park and provides you with an opportunity to let them know about your organization. If you are trying to reach a particular segment of the community, host an event that would appeal to them the most.

Neighborhood Party/Picnic
Hosting a potluck family picnic or party for the surrounding neighborhood is also a good way to draw attention to the park as an important resource and can help strengthen social ties in your community. It's a great opportunity to pass out information about your group and to involve more people in your organization.

Greet Park Users
Set up a table at the entrance to your park and greet the park users. Tell them about your group and what you are doing. They'll be most receptive if you have something to offer them, such as information about an upcoming event, or a calendar. You can also invite people to sign up for your clean-ups.

Educational Events
Your park or sanctuary may have historical or natural resources that the community would like to learn about. Consider hosting regular walks through the park with a knowledgeable individual to talk about its history and significant natural features. The Brookline GreenSpace Alliance hosts a field trip/workshop series that you can join in order to get assistance with publicity and trip leaders.

Publicizing Your Activities
In Brookline there are several ways to advertise your organizations meetings and events in order to raise the profile of your group and build support for your mission. Below is a list of ideas.

The Internet
Send your announcement to the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance at and we will publicize it on our e-mail list serve that goes out to our membership as well as our website. (please send it 10-14 days in advance of the event).
Publicize on the Town’s website, through the community calendar. Contact Ben Vivante at

Send an announcement for the community notes and calendar sections of the Brookline TAB. You can fax the information to 781-433-8202, or email Most information needs to be sent in 10-14 days ahead of time.
Write a press release about your event and send it in two weeks ahead of time. Mention that it would be a good event to send a photographer and/or reporter to.
Follow up a week before the event to see if they are going to send anyone.
You can also post events to the Boston Globe Thursday calendar section by going online to at least 10 days in advance of the event.

Send out a mailing to your mailing list. This can be a postcard or a flyer. You can also call the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance to get a list of their members in your neighborhood.

Make an eye-catching flyer using your computer. Make sure to include all the necessary information. Post them in these locations.

  • Bulletin board in your park if you have one, or at the entrances.
  • Public libraries (Brookline Village, Coolidge Corner and Putterham)
  • Bus stops and T stations Town Hall
  • Local store windows, especially those near the park.
  • Lobbies of large buildings, gyms, and recreation centers.
  • Bulletin boards of civic and religious groups.
  • Schools (sometimes flyers are allowed to go home with children as well)