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Friends Groups

Park friends groups, neighborhood associations and other organizations have been instrumental in caring for the network of neighborhood parks, sanctuaries, playgrounds, and green spaces in Brookline. These groups serve as advocates for increased public resources for their parks, and have also successfully raised private donations for park improvements. Many of them organize periodic clean-ups and work days for their neighborhood parks and sanctuaries, often with the support of the Town’s Parks and Open Space Division. All Brookline GreenSpace Alliance member groups in Brookline are listed here alphabetically by their park or organization.
  Organization Contact Email or website Phone
Friends of Baldwin Kristine Knauf 617-308-3870
Friends of Billy Ward Playground Ruth Ann Sneider 617-738-1877
  Brookline Mothers Out Front Tree Team Olivia Fischer Fox 617-821-5163
  Brookline Neighborhood Alliance Lee Cooke Childs 617-566-6761
  Brookline Pollinator Pathways Greer Hardwicke  
Friends of Brookline Reservoir Kate Anderson  
Friends of Carlton St. Footbridge Cathleen Cavell 617-733-1492
  Chestnut Hill Garden Club Britt Lee  
  Climate Action Brookline John Harris 617-734-0711
Friends of Dane Park Hugh Joseph  
Friends of Fairsted  
  Brookline Farmers Market   brooklinefarmersmarket
  Fisher Hill Association Carlos Ridruejo 617-901-5908
  Garden Club of Brookline Greer Hardwicke The Garden Club of Brookline  
Friends of the Green Dog Program Joanna Baker 617-734-1975
  Griggs Park Neighborhood Association Len Fishman 617-232-2369
Friends of Hall's Pond Ann Frechette John Shreffler 617-232-0466
  High Street Hill Association


Friends of D. BlakeleyHoar Sanctuary Ruben Pollard 617-323-1518
  Larz Anderson Auto Museum Sheldon Steele, director 617-522-6547
Friends of Larz Anderson Park Arisa Boit 917-553-6489
Friends of Lawrence Park Laura Walters  
Friends of Lawton Park Community Garden Elissa Yanover lawton park community garden  
Friends of Levrett Pond Hugh Mattison 617-232-6083
Friends of Linden Park Ginnie Smith 617-277-2384
  Linden Parks Association Nadine Gerdts 617-731-0420
Friends of Littlefield Park Linda Mancini 617 501-3724
Friends of Longwood Mall Rob Schoen 617-447-8496
Friends of Lost Pond Marian Lazar 617-731-5390
Friends of Minot Rose Garden Linda Olson Pehlke 617-232-1965
Friends of Monmouth Park Sean Lynn-Jones 617-738-6228
Friends of the Muddy River Carroll Williamson 617-738-9367
Friends of the Old Burying Ground Ann Coles Lisa Farber
Friends of Putterham Woods Richard Murphy
Richard Nangle

Friends of Sargent Pond Jason Savage
Janina Galler

Friends of Soule Richard Nangle
Friends of Waldstein Park Joanna Baker 617-734-1975