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Allandale Farmgourds

Allandale Farm is one the oldest continuously working farms in the nation. The family have been farming the same land since the French-Indian War. Located in Boston and Brookline, it is the last remaining farm in the city. Currently over forty varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs are produced, as well as bedding plants, perennials, vegetable transplants and much more in the greenhouses. Crops are grown using sustainable natural methods adhering to organic certification rules. Crops are marketed at the farmstand located on the farm as well as to local resturants. The stand is open from April-December 10am-6pm daily. In the summer months the farm operates a nature camp for children four to ten years of age, and in the fall hayrides are available. For more information please see

In the near future the trust that holds the farm land will have to be dissolved. At that time the land will need to be sold to pay the heirs of the trust. Will this land remain part of Brookline's open space heritage?