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Conservation Web Page

Brookline Open Space Plan
Thecurrent seven-year Open Space Plan for Brookline

Brookline Climate Change Action Plan

Parks and Open Space Division of the Department of Public Works

Reponsible for parks management and maintenance.

Tree Planting Committee
Responsible for overseeing the care of Town street trees.

Recreation Department
Responsible for planning and overseeing recreation activities.

Planning and Community Development Department

Town Calendar
Lists all Selectmen, department and commission meetings.

See Park Friends Groups page on this site for a list of volunteer organizations working to enhance specific parks in Brookline

Muddy River Restoration Project

Olmsted National Historic Site

Emerald Necklace Conservancy

New England Wildflower Society is now the Native Plant Trust
Information on Invasive Species

Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light
A non-profit initiative to offer Massachusetts congregations of every religious tradition a comprehensive means of reducing energy consumption, costs and pollution, and promoting renewable energy in house of worship and related buildings.

Project for Public Spaces
PPS is a nonprofit dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that bui;ld communities.

Conservation Pages for Kids