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Public Lands Protection Act

Green space is a valuable, yet scarce, asset for our community and residents. The passage of the Public Land Preservation Act in 2022, ,  is an important step in the protection of open space in Brookline and the Commonwealth.

Brookline GreenSpace Alliance (BGSA) is supportive of maintaining existing green space in Brookline, and opposes the conversion of municipal green space to alternative uses.  Additionally, we oppose the installation of hardscape or artificial materials where there can be a natural alternative.  We have been a firm supporter of preserving natural green space because of its ability to combat the heat-island effect, its role in stormwater management, and its habitat value in stark contrast to the many negatives associated with synthetic surfaces.

We believe that for a healthy community the Town must provide resources for using and caring for natural materials. For example, alternative surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, plastic turf or poured-in-place rubber, emit extensive carbon emissions during their manufacturing, and do not allow for any absorption of those emissions throughout their lifetime. Long-lasting negative impacts of forever chemicals are just beginning to be understood.  Additional costs associated with natural materials are worth the investment in human and environmental health.

In accordance with Brookline's Open Space Plans and the Public Land Preservation Act, BGSA supports a policy of “no net loss” of public green space in all our neighborhoods, the maintenance of our mature urban forest, and the protection of natural, vegetated spaces over the use of synthetic surfaces. 

            Visit the PLPA Portal,, for information on how the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and the Environment is implementing Article 97 land dispositions and the no net loss policy.